Working Tartan [and Check] in the Workplace; Inspired by St Andrews

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A weekend away to St Andrews, Scotland; where it’s been said you can find more tartan per capita than anywhere else in the world…

Beaches, beautiful sunsets and of course the Home of Golf.

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Wearing Tartan [and Check]

Inspired by my Scottish heritage and the abundance of our traditional dress; I’ve chosen top 5 picks for working the pattern on your bottom half in the workplace.

Working Tartan

With differences in colour and style of check, these 5 are divergent but with one common theme running through; they are distinctive, a real conversation starter. I have a pair of red tartan trousers myself and they’ve been commented on umpteen times.

Even better: they’re all under a sexy £65.

Pair with a crisp white shirt and black blazer to streamline your look.

1. High Waisted Grey with Braces
Yo Yo Melody | £14

2. Tommy Hilfiger Red and Blue Tartan Crop
Tommy Hilfiger | £56

3. Persona Dark with Light Grey Check
House of Fraser | £43

4. Milano Beige Wide Leg
Milano Parigi | £62

5. High Waisted White Base
Misguided | £32

Own it | Work it

Be #AllergictoAverage


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