Work Hard [Play Hard]

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Work Hard [Play Hard] – The Yacht Week

Looking for a relaxing week away from the office? Refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing oneself? Don’t come to The Yacht Week.

yacht week 5

Described by Forbes as a ‘seven-day party in the Mediterranean for twentysomethings of a certain inclination and income’ it certainly lives up to its tagline #nothingliketherealworld

Still recovering from those infamous holiday blues [and one horrendous hangover] I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my life.

[Don’t believe me, just Yacht]

Crystal clear seas, marble promenades and a variety of beautiful, historical architecture; it’s Croatia.

yacht week 6

Docking at a different location most days, sailing in perfect conditions with the sun beating down – what more could you want?
[oh] one hell of a party.

At what feels like the most exclusive festival in the world, hands raised in the air [along with more than a few Go-Pros], as the DJ plays and the trees sway, whilst being showered in champagne; it’s a dream. It’s everything I hoped for – and more.

The location of these parties? Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort for the Ultra Pool Party [akin to those in Vegas], Carpe Diem Beach Lounge [on a private island], a Fort built in 1813 [by the British] and my personal favourite, natural bays in the Adriatic Sea.

Parking up – [or rafting up] – as I was quickly informed by our skipper! An iconic part of The Yacht Week.

Yacht week 2

Lounging on a inflatable bed; if you’re lucky enough not to get yours pinched [more than a few times I had to gracefully (!?) straddle an inflatable shark/lobster/turtle/llama – yes there really was an inflatable llama] floating within the borders of 77 yachts tied together, it’s a sure fire way to meet people that’s for sure.

yacht week 9

[It’s more than a holiday. As a networking event, it’s unbeatable.]
Julian Brockburst, Skipper.

[Knot so Freakin’ Fast]

If you’re the average of the people you spend the most time with, then wow – I’ve came away from The Yacht Week helluva successful.

Seriously though, spending 7 days on our Yacht – Knot So Fast – with my amazing crew, that existed of young professionals working and managing businesses in property, investment banking, manufacturing, sales and tech from locations around the world. I’ve came away seriously inspired.

Yacht Week 1

Most people I met on The Yacht Week were in Financial Services and whilst not overtly networking, there’s nothing better than getting some advice from the more experienced. There was a significant entrepreneurial spirit running throughout also, complimenting someone’s sunglasses and finding out they were created by a fellow Yacht Weeker; who’s Dicks Cotton brand originally took inspiration from the #nothingliketherealworld mentality; ‘Be Happy, Live Comfortably’.

yacht week 8

This entrepreneurial spirit is inherent to The Yacht Week, considering it’s history. Two young entrepreneurs William Wenkel and Erik Biörklun, swedes who originally came up with the idea whilst skippering for European families in 2005 had a vision, a vision for the young and beautiful, behaving badly in a paradise of the Mediterranean sun. I’d be pretty confident in saying they created that.

Exchanging my Yacht Week alarm – which consisted of resident DJ MaxNyman from Stockholm [that just happens to be a yachter on the yacht parked beside you at the marina] with that horrendous iPhone ring, you know the one, contrary to belief, I went back to work happy and ready to go. Ready to nail it. Met with ghastly, shocked faces when I replied to ‘God, you must be depressed to be home’ with the admittance that in fact I was actually pretty happy to be there.

The Yacht Week is testament to that – it’s working hard [and playing harder]. It’s taking a break. It’s your mind being consumed with crystal clear seas, dolphin spotting – not email or KPIs. It’s knowing that even bound by limited annual leave you can travel the world. It’s meeting widely successful young professionals. It’s feeling inspired. It’s appreciating the opportunity to meet the like-minded and knowing with grit and determination you can achieve. It’s being creatively stimulated. It’s  perspective and it’s the building of memories, because let’s be honest in addition to all those champagne bottles, those are the things that make us truly and wholeheartedly ‘rich’.

When’s Round 2?

Work Hard | Play Hard

Be #AllergictoAverage


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