[Dare to Denim]: Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition


[Dare to Do] Denim

So I just [had] to do a post about wearing denim in the workplace after picking  up a denim number at the weekend.

I finally got round to using my little Debenham’s Summer Soiree treat I received when I attended their High Summer event. [Which by the way] – was a fantastic event – cocktails, manicures&a showcase of high summer fashion.

Being invited to pick something from Designers at Debenhams or Debenhams own range, I was a little apprehensive as brands such as Principles, Red Herring and Julien Macdonald aren’t brands I would usually shop in. However, on the hunt for something a little different to add to my corporate wardrobe I came across this amazing, dark denim,
utility dress from Julien Macdonald.



[Apologies for the poor photo quality – It’s a work in progress!]

To be honest – it didn’t look much on the hanger and the photography of the dress online doesn’t do it justice. [However] I imagined a crisp white shirt against the denim and it instantly POPPED.

I questioned whether it was appropriate for the corporate wardrobe but thinking about the #AllergictoAverage mantra and my desire to push the boundaries of corporate fashion – I went for it.

The quality of the dress is excellent. A thick denim with sparkling silver buttons and well-considered tailoring, particularly around the neckline. It’s double-breasted pockets oozes sophistication and style. I’m wearing a size 10 and the fit is perfect. It’s fitted but not tight [there is a difference] making me feel confident and self-assured.


Hugging the [curves and swerves] I feel good, I feel confident and ready to strut. At £65 – it’s worth every single penny.
Paired with the white shirt, it adds necessary element of professionalism [without] compromising on style.

Pushing the boundaries of grey suits and shapeless dress;
Is denim acceptable in the workplace?

Done right, Hell Yeah, I think so.

[Dare to Denim]
As you’ll all know, I’m a strong advocate for the Topshop Joni High Waisted Jean. I have 2 pairs in black; one for the office – to keep them dark and one for outside of work/weekends etc as they are now slightly lighter due to over-wearing!

A comfortable, flattering fit – pair the Joni’s with a white shirt.  Looking for an exclusive flash of denim? Get your hands on these Louboutins.
Denim 1

You’ve cracked it.

So you’ve mastered the denim Jean? Let’s get adventurous and make denim the focal point of your look.

[The All Denim Pinafore]

Ranging in colour, these pinafores all have one thing in common, excellent cuts. Structured necklines, clean cut finishes and waist detail. To keep it professional, layering is essential here; make your base the ever loyal, [crisp white shirt].


Think you’re ready to go for it? Consider one of these pinafores and adhere to the
[Corporate Denim Bible]

  • Always choose a well-structured dress with attention to the waist.
  • Look for double breasted detail or large buttons to avoid the usual causal connotations of denim.
  • Consider layering with a light shirt; white or pink to keep within the corporate context.
  • Make sure it is an appropriate length – not too short but equally as important NOT too long; ‘punk rocker with flowers in her hair’ floor length denim vibes is OK for Glasto; not OK for your Monday morning board meeting.
  • NEVER do double denim. It might be OK for Rihanna, it might be OK for the club, but it is not OK for the office.
  • Avoid super light denim; it’s casual, summery with a laidback look; stick to darker, more pigmented denims.
  • Hot Pants; just no. You know why.
  • Rips; again, just no.
  • Not feeling ready to go full on [Dare to Denim]? Consider a cute little Filofax for a flash of denim when you’re walking through the office floor.

[Go On – I Dare You]

Dare to be Different | Dare to Denim

Be #AllergictoAverage

Julien Macdonald Dress | £65 | Debenhams
Denim Pinafore 1 | £18 | Choie
Denim Pinafore 2 | £45 | Miss Selfridge at HOF
Denim Pinafore 3 | £16 | RomWe
Denim Pinafore 4 | £510 | Derek Lam at Avenue 32


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