Christian Macleod | The AW’15 Showcase


A night of elegance, poise and sophistication;
the Christian Macelod AW’15 Showcase.

Invited to represent #AllergictoAverage, I was eager to see the latest evolution in the CM journey, one which I have been following for a while now.


[The Brand]

Beginning in 2011 after a desire to wear distinctive belts, but experiencing a disconnect in finding ones he liked, Christian set up his own label.

Selling 500 belts in 4 months after the launch of just one design, Christian Macelod [CM] the label has developed with exponential growth, being showcased in 482 publications since 2014 alone. Not only that, the brand holds a celebrity following and an Aston Martin partnership.
It is distinctive, luxurious and consistently delivers.

[The AW’15 Showcase | The Corinthian Club, Glasgow]


5 floors, 2000 people and a host of entertainment; held at the Corinthian Club, one of Glasgow’s most premium destinations.
Guests were treated to a plethora of tastes, from Cheryl Risk singing modern jazz and blues, to Leighton Jones providing the sweet sounds of contemporary piano to dancing the night away in the Corinthian’s very own club; options were aplenty.
Additionally, practical entertainment included the opportunity for some retail therapy [because let’s be honest – that is extremely entertaining] including the chance to match diamonds to your CM with ROX Jewellers and to suit up with Forbes Tailoring, brands reflecting the core values and attitudes of  the designer.


Belts artistically displayed throughout the venue, everywhere you looked there was a CM presence, not invasive or intrusive, just a subtle reminder of [elegance, luxury & style].

Drinking exclusive CM cocktails, we mingled the night away with a diverse crowd; ranging from sports men and women, to those in business, fashion and the creative industry, showing the depth of desirability the brand has brought to Glasgow.


Christian’s commitment to his Scottish roots is admirable. His decision not to move to London and begin the CM journey there naturally holds some commercial value. However, from what I’ve read about Christian and from the chats we’ve had, there is a genuine desire to stay true to his Scottish roots and embrace the potential we have here. It was a decision that has echoed similar conclusions I’ve had to come to before, I know how difficult it was for me to choose Glasgow/Edinburgh or London therefore do not underestimate the weight of his choice. Although this brand and the designer himself are new to luxury fashion, it is here to stay. Refreshingly forward thinking and expansive in approach, Christian and his brand are representative of our millennial generation and its [sometimes debated but impossible to ignore] remarkably positive attributes.
A Scottish creation to be extremely proud of.

[What I Wore]

Representing #AllergictoAverage, I wanted my clothing on the night to reflect the core elements of my brand. Consequently, I went for a suit – quintessentially corporate.

If you’ve been a follower of #AllergictoAverage or have ever read the blog before, you’ll know we don’t just stop at grey. We bring personality and empowerment to our corporate fashion choices.
Red is a head-turner, reflecting the #AllergictoAverage mantra of [Stand Out | StandTall].

The cape design of the jacket took it from an office-style suit to that of a fashion-focused one. The jacket draped over shoulders trend is massive right now and this jacket from Lavish Alice nails it. Effortless isn’t a word that comes to most [aside from Kendall Jenner] so the clever manipulation of the sleeve was incredibly helpful.

The jacket may be a bit too much to wear day to day, but the trousers can easily be transferred to your working wardrobe. High waisted with belt detail and a cigarette style finish, they are fashionable but tailored enough to look smart.


Seeing as it was black tie, I paired the suit with my favourite – a crisp white shirt. This one in particular features a ruffle at the collar, upping the level of sophistication to be in line with the black tie dress code. The shirt is by Hawes and Curtis, one of my favourite corporate wear brands. The shirts are of exceptional quality and exquisite style; affordable luxury.
[Look out for blogs on wearing this shirt to the office].

Finished off with accessories from
Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, Gucci & Christian Louboutin.

CM flatlay

[The Belt]

With 28 belts, within 3 collections, there are a number of varieties of size, colour and style. When I look at them, I see a different belt for a different occasion, a different mood, a different outcome.

My favourite to invest in is the ‘Rizza’, coming in 4 different colours in goat leather. Picked personally by Christian himself, the leather enables ‘subtle tonalities’; it is versatile yet distinctive, noble yet beautiful, professional with a hint of sensationalism.

With the ability to be worn around a smaller female waist (which can be quite uncommon in luxury belts) it’s a perfect addition to the corporate wardrobe. Wear to bring central focus to a high waist trouser, to bring shape to looser items or to give character to a rudimentary pinafore.

With a global standard, this brand’s potential will exceed expectation. Unrelenting passion with a simultaneous unwillingness to stop at any border or boundary, the Christian Macleod label will indefinitely secure its place on the shelves of luxury fashion.
I can’t wait to see what surprises he has for us next.
What CM will you choose?

Belt Up | Be Visionary

Be #AllergictoAverage

Lavish Alice Red Suit | £102 | Asos

White Ruffle Shirt | £40 | Hawes and Curtis

Shoes | Christian Louboutin

Clutch | Givenchy

Accessories | Various

Rizza Belt | £180 | Christian Macleod


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